About StarterKit.


I am a San Diego based marketing communication professional and digital marketing strategist. I love to help small businesses to grow their business conversions through the power of digital media and to support them engaged with consumers

Ever wonder why all of your social media investments are only giving you a lot of work instead of ¬†business conversions? You sent out a lot of messages in social media, have few hundreds or thousands of facebook fans or twitter followers, but don’t really know what to do with them or don’t know what those numbers means to your business ? How to turn numbers of fans to numbers of purchase ? You know that social network is an important media to engage with consumers but you don’t know where to start ? Are you in doubt whether social media can give impact to business or it’s just a ‘nice to have’? What can we expect in social media ? How can I get help to manage my day to day engagement with consumers in social media ?

If some of those questions are buzzing in your mind, than StarterKit is the one that can help you with solutions. Whether your business is new to social media and you want to reach out to the right consumers, you already have some numbers of fans and want to have more engagements and responses, or you already have some solid ground of fan base and interactions and want to turn more business conversions, StarterKit is your partner.

I am a digital media strategist with passions in social media. I’d like to start a project by understanding my client’s business objectives, business goals, and find agreeable social media metrics, before we start creating any conversation with consumers. For me, business goals is the reason to create social media plan. And a good social media plan has to deliver business conversions.

StarterKit offers full service of Social Media Management from strategy, content creation, and on going basis of consumer engagements. My price is reasonable and I can create custom packages to accommodate your budget.

My clients include : RJM Aero, an Aerospace Engineering Company in Carlsbad, CA and few other private clients in including some digital agencies in Indonesia.


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